... designs in reclaimed wood

woodworks copper plate


'The altar has a good and natural vibe and  I love that the wood is salvaged. It adds to the beauty of it and I really like that they all end up unique, a true piece of art by itself.'  Linda Skymningsmåne, Sweden


'I LOVE the altar....just got it a bit ago and had to write to say THANK  YOU again for the lovely work of art that now graces my bedside table....

can hardly wait to light it tonight!'  Cindy Oden, Greenwood, U.S.A


'The perfect piece for a difficult spot.  I love it and can't believe it used to be my garage!'  Kerry Evans, Bath


'Just a line to say how lovely the desks look.  Thank you for spending such time and attention on designing, making and installing them'.

Carole Bond, Carbon Data, Bath


'Our reclaimed oak reception has set the atmosphere for the entire business and I'm so grateful to Woodworks-Glastonbury for making it happen'

Kate Williams, Bloomsbury Clinic, Wells


'Thank you very much for the creative & wonderful work that you have put into our reception desk....'

Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre


It is absolutely fantastic - I LOVE it!!!!!!  Size, design and wood are just wonderful.

Charlie Earl, Cardiff


'....and our thanks to WoodWorks, our reclaimed mixing desk is the finishing touch to the new studio'

Glastonbury Radio, Glastonbury